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Retail Math

Welcome to a new understanding of retail math.

Use this tool as a handy reference to the definitions and formulas most used in today's retail industry. The included retail flow allows you to take steps to grow your business' profitability by becoming aware of when and how you really make your money.

Easily create future plans for one or more companies that will help ensure your success.

Retail Math includes:

  • A month-to-month inventory and sales tracker, for both planned and actual values
  • Automatic flow of inventory totals from one month to the next
  • Calculation of monthly, seasonal, and yearly plans based on past results
  • Analysis of 11 monthly factors, and 7 seasonal/yearly factors, such as gross margin, average stock, and turnover based on present, plan, and past results
  • Support for multiple companies
  • Simple explanations of each formula, with calculators for quick use
  • Support for seasonal calendars, such as Jan-July/July-Dec, Feb-July/Aug-Jan, and the NRF 4-5-4 calendar

Use Retail Math to elevate your understanding of the factors influencing your success!