Training Services Offered:

This comprehensive course written in PowerPoint can be customized for your company or used as is. Retail Math Training provides definitions, formulas and practice problems for concepts such as:

Average Stock, Cost Dollar Conversion, EOM, Gross Margin, Gross Margin Return on Investment, Markdowns, Markup, Sales Dollar Conversion, Sell Thru, Trend (based on season performance to date or square footage allocation), Turn, and Vendor Margin.

The Retail Math course is designed with the fashion industry in mind, but can be customized as needed. It is beneficial for sales teams, merchandise coordinators, retail planners and merchandisers, and others with exposure to these calculations. Retailers and Wholesalers alike can benefit from using this course for training.

All speakers notes are included on the presentation, so even a person not intimately familiar with the material being presented can be comfortable leading the training. It is also suited for students to self-learn individually by using the notes page as a guide.

On-Site training is available if needed.

Supplemental Materials include an Instructor's Notebook, spiral-bound student notebooks, and the highly sought-after laminated formula cards. These items can be purchased individually or in packages, which contain a discount.

Even employees not having to use retail math as a part of their daily jobs can feel more confident with the basic knowledge of retail math and its uses.

This can be taught one on one or in small groups. It can also be treated as a help-desk type service and any Excel questions and/or problems can be resolved during business hours.